Saturday, January 16, 2010

She's on the move! (sort of)

Yesterday Ava discovered that she can get virtually anywhere by rolling over. In one day she went from rolling over occasionally, usually only when the mood would strike her, to rolling over every single time you put her on the floor. I will put her down on the floor on her back and she immediately rolls over onto her stomach. The surprising thing about that is that she is choosing to be on her stomach most of the time. Once she is on her stomach she pushes her front up off of the floor and lifts her feet in the air. She kind of looks like she is skydiving! From this position she can sort of push herself around (mostly backwards) and turn her body to face whichever direction she chooses. To top that off she can pretty much sit up by herself now too. She leans forward a little bit too much when she is sitting so she isn't as stable yet as she will be but she will have it mastered before I know it. At this rate she will probably be crawling by six months.

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