Thursday, January 21, 2010

Party at my house: 1 A.M.

***Disclaimer - This blog is about vomit!

Last night around one I was sitting on the couch feeding Ava, who hasn't been sleeping that great because she has a little bit of a cold. All of a sudden I heard Alana crying really loud from the bedroom and David telling her to go to the bathroom. She had thrown up all over the bed and she wasn't done yet. I don't know what compelled David to tell her to go to the bathroom while she was still puking but she listened to him and went to the bathroom. This resulted in a trail of puke from the bed to the bathroom. Then he said "I need help!" and so I had to put Ava down to investigate. Alana was standing there with puke in her hair and on her jammies and David was getting a bunch of toilet paper to "clean" up the hallway floor and Alana. Like toilet paper was really going to get the job done. I ended up having to send him to the living room with Ava while I got a washcloth and cleaned up the mess, then changed Alana's clothes and took the sheets off of the bed.

Why on earth would he tell her to walk 20 feet when she was throwing up? Why not just let her stay on the bed? At least on the bed I can just take the sheets off and put them in the washing machine. Instead I ended up cleaning up throw up from the hall carpet, the bathroom rug, the bathroom floor and the bed. She ended up throwing up 3 more times before she was done and completely ready to go back to bed, but at least those times she was on a blanket so I could just pick it up and put it in the washing machine.

To make everything a little worse she had eaten spaghetti for dinner. After dinner she had an unusually big appetite and had a banana, half a dozen little smokies, lucky charms and a bowl of strawberry yogurt. I don't think I'll be able to eat spaghetti for a while after that.

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