Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not so great luck

It was a long 3 weeks without my computer. I had a spell of not-so-great luck. One week before Christmas my washing machine broke. Then my computer wasn't working. Then the day before New Years Eve both of my ladies had pink eye. There were no open Drs offices in Benson so I ended up taking them to Benson hospital ER. Alana was the least cooperative child EVER when they tried to examine her. The Dr. managed to sneak a look into her ears and as luck would have it she had an ear infection in both ears. That meant she had to take anti-biotics on top of the eye drops I was already going to have to force upon her. It wasn't a picnic either. Forcing a 3 year old to take medicine and eyedrops against her will is quite a task. David and I had to hold her down and pry open her eyelids, then we would squirt the antibiotics into her mouth when she was distracted from the eye drops. About one week in she decided she was a big girl and would willingly take her medicine without crying. I don't know what prompted this change of heart but I'm very grateful for it. I would give her the medicine dropper full, she would put it in her own mouth and drink it without complaining.

The next week Ava was coughing and sounding not so great, there were still no drs so that meant a return trip to Benson hospital. She ended up having nothing wrong with her, luckily, but just to top off my day someone hit my car in the parking lot and drove off. Who does that? Whatever happened to taking responsibility for your actions? Someone saw it happen and got the license plate number but I decided not to do anything since there was no significant damage to my crappy ten year old car. I'm not even sure which scratch or little dent happened that day. The paint on my car is beyond repair so one more scratch isn't hurting anything. That person should thank their lucky stars I'm too lazy to pursue anything.

Besides the string of mediocre luck the past few weeks have been fairly uneventful. We saw Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 and my girls both enjoyed it. David and I both want that 2 hours of our life back. We did absolutely nothing on New Years Eve. It took us about 2 hours to decide what to have for dinner, we finally decided on chili dogs, then we watched TV and everyone was in bed before 10 pm. We lead exciting lives, I know.

Now the washing machine is fixed and it only cost $40 for the part and my dad fixed it for free. The computer is fixed (knock on wood) and it didn't cost me anything. Both ladies are happy and healthy. My car is no worse than it was before someone hit it. Hopefully its all uphill from here.

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