Monday, January 25, 2010

Baby pattern baldness

I suppose no matter how much time a baby spends on their belly they will eventually develop a big bald spot on the back of their little head. I like to call it baby pattern baldness. At about 3 months Ava's hair started getting a little bit thin in the back. It eventually rubbed off to the point that it was completely smooth, almost as if I had shaved her head to look like that. It was so perfectly bald that the hair above it was in a perfectly straight line, like a little bowl cut. The hair underneath the baldness is long and smooth so that makes it even more obvious. Now its starting to grow back since she chooses to spend most of her time on her tummy. It kind of has a little bit of stubble where its coming back in. Her head has 5 o'clock shadow! Pretty soon it will grow back completely and her days of belonging to the hair club for babies will be over. She's not just the president of the hair club for babies, she's also a member!

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