Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My cute ladies!

My two ladies are so cute! I never really pictured myself having kids and now I can't picture my life without them. I also have never been one to gush and be all lovey-dovey but having babies did that to me. It made me a giant sap. Alana is so smart and pretty and she is always saying things that make me laugh. Yesterday I went to the doctor and she asked the nurse if they keep blood in the cupboards. Then she told the doctor "Good job Dr. Kruezer!" It was pretty funny. Ava is so sweet and pretty and good natured. She sleeps till 4 or 5 in the morning almost every night. That is amazing to me since Alana didn't sleep through the night till she was like 2. Ava loves to smile and lay on the floor with her big sister watching cartoons. She doesn't cry, just kind of protests when she feels shes being mistreated. The only time she gets upset is if Alana is crying, then the bottom lip comes out and she looks so sad! They are so cute and I'm so glad that I have them.

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